Soups and Cinema

‘Tis the season – the soup season! One of my favorite culinary times of the year.

On a gray-sky Sunday in the wintry Midwest, I turned my soup-making passion loose on a few key ingredients: chicken and the “stock” I’d reserved earlier this week; some slightly shriveled organic squash units; and a Christmas-tree shaped bush of rosemary I bought last weekend at Whole Foods.

I coordinated that kitchen plan with some soul-stirring film choices: “Smile, Pinki” and “Mad Hot Ballroom.” Food and film tools for a soundly delicious day.

It was my first viewing of “Smile, Pinki,” the 2009 Academy Award-winning documentary short. A riveting piece of film telling a direct, simple story illustrated by two beautiful children who were born with cleft pallets. I highly recommend it on many levels – as a clear, compelling piece of storytelling, as an informative guide to the birth defect and an organization (Smile Train) that is doing something about it, and as insight into the lives of people living in poverty.

“Mad Hot Ballroom” is a video I own and a house favorite. It was the right moment to pop it in and recharge my spirit. If you haven’t seen it, or have only seen it once, or twice, or less than a gazillion times, it’s definitely time to see it.

Meanwhile, on the stove…

Soup success!! The soups turned out so well, I’m taking them to a party tonight.

Soup #1: Rosemary chicken noodle

Last weekend I cooked five chicken leg/thighs. About 30 minutes in the microwave, in a pan filled with water. After the chicken was cooked, I reserved the juicy water, refrigerated it, skimmed off the fat on top and behold: chicken stock.

Today, I took the remaining chicken (two leg/thighs), the stock and extra water. I cut up one onion, added three minced garlic cloves and about three sprigs of rosemary. I slow-cooked it for about four or five hours. Salted to taste.

The noodles will be prepared separately, then we’ll pour the soup over them. Chicken-rosemary goodness!

Soup #2: Ginger squash


Two small zucchini

Two small yellow squash

One med. sweet onion

One finger-length nodule of ginger

1) Slice the zucchini, yellow squash and onion. Steam on the stove.

2) Allow to cool, add minced ginger, some of the steamer water, then puree in blender.

3) Add salt to taste.


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2 Responses to Soups and Cinema

  1. Chrisian says:

    Both films are great, The Smile Train is obviously great, and I’m sure even the soup is great.

  2. procurrent says:

    Thanks for the comment, Christian!

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