In search of a healthier hot wing

I may be living in a parallel universe today. I’m not a big hot wing fan, but I found myself unnaturally interested in serving up a batch – just to do it. Like I couldn’t have concentrated on something more worthwhile – or at least something I’m more inclined to like?!

Perhaps the key was the challenge – I do like a good challenge. I quickly found that the hot wing recipes on hot sauce bottles recommended using a 1/2 stick of butter, mixed with the sauce, poured over freshly fried chicken. I have a “no drinking my butter” policy and I’d always rather have baked than fried chicken.

So, I bought some Smart Chicken packs and went home to reinvent the chicken wing.

I started with my faux-baking technique: Chicken layered in a ceramic dish, covered with water, “delicately” microwaved for 20 minutes, turned over, and nuked for an additional 10 minutes.

Then I assembled the triumvirate of healthier hot sauce ingredients: Louisiana Hot Sauce, Tobasco Green Pepper Sauce and olive oil.

When the chicken was done, I transferred it to a ceramic bowl and poured over the wings:

6 tablespoons Louisiana (that’s all I had)

2 tablespoons Green Pepper Sauce

4 tablespoons of olive oil

I tossed the chicken in the sauce. I wasn’t sure the sauce was sticking to the chicken well enough, so the only thing to do was to taste test.

I put a few wings on a plate and ladled some sauce over them.

And…they were fantastic! Same hot goodness without the frying or mass quantity of butter. All of the flavor; a fraction of the fat.

Then I turned on the Super Bowl…which, I think, is an annual football game? Parallel universe, indeed.


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