Soup’s on: Okra stew

I’ve been in a soup-making mood for weeks…but there wasn’t enough time to really dig into it. And then there’s the decision to make – what kind of soup?

I’ve been missing my usual storehouse of gazpacho. The summer flew by with only one batch. *Sigh* However, with the leaves dressed to walk the autumn runway and a chillier breeze in the air, the comfort, warmth and deliciousness factor turned my attention to French onion soup.

THEN, this morning, a package of ground beef-like soy (Boca burger bits) caught my attention in the freezer looking neglected. So, I put veggie chili on this week’s menu and went to gather a few extra provisions…

But then I saw cans of okra.  So the first stew/soup of the season became (drum roll, please) Okra stew.

Here are the main ingredients I assembled:

Ingredients for okra stew

Almost everything made it in – the squash was saved for later, and I used only one can of okra. And I included some sea salt and a small glass of dry red wine:

Added some dry red wine

The stew simmered for about an hour.

Simmering stew

Then I couldn’t take it any longer…I had to have some! I added some chicken, but I think that was too much. I also added a few drops of green Tabasco Sauce. Other thoughts for variations: Add tofu; sprinkle mozzarella or Parmesan cheese on top. With the cheese, maybe I’m just trying to turn it into a French vegetable soup?

Bon appetite!


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