Amigoni wine tasting

Another good thing going on in the world: Amigoni – An urban winery in the Kansas City West  Bottoms. We discovered this First Friday must-stop last month. Hands down, a relaxing, fun, delicious way to end the week and begin the weekend!

Amigoni offers a sample of five wines for five bucks. Fantastic way to find your faves at an affordable price.

We documented the five reds we tried to give you a taste of the Amigoni experience. (More posts to come from here!)

Stop in and say hello to Michael, Jenny and the other lovely wine-istas: 1505 Genessee Street #100  Kansas City, MO 64102

#1 – 2009 Malbec. Very nice. Light with a port-like finish.

#2 – 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon. Crisp and tasty. (Pouring: @Jvergara)

#3 – 2009 Cabernet Franc w/Parmesan crackers. Consensus: “Soft w/a lingering warmth.”

#4 – Urban Red. Love. It.

#5 – Urban Drover. An Amigoni original. Stunning. Sloshing a little in the glass. (We’re a little sloshed, too.)


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