WordPress weekly photo challenge: Free Spirit

This was a hard challenge. It could have gone so many ways:

1. Michelle. I met a group of women in Los Angeles last month at a Women in Film meeting. After the function, several women assembled outside to have their picture taken for the local newspaper. I got my camera out. As the other women went on their way, Michelle and Nancy, two of my new friends, and I decided to sit on the beach and chat.

Then Michelle said, “Take my picture!” She stood on the stone bench, stretched out her arms to the sun, struck a dance pose and smiled. I clicked and admired the freedom of her spirit to embrace the moment with humor and openness, and without a shred of self consciousness.

That is a free spirit – to throw your arms open and enjoy the now with a smile.

But there were other moments during that trip to vie for a place in this post.

2. Drummer, Emma and Mimosa Cafe. There’s a whole post ahead about the Mimosa Cafe and the wonderful group of people – all seemingly regulars – I met while visiting. For instance, “Drummer” and his faithful bird Emma, and little dog-in-a-bag Mouse.

3. The sea. I decided the beach and ocean would wind up as free spirit representative – but there were many choices there, too. I felt that the two photos below best expressed the feeling.

When I look at these photos, I think of the ability to embrace the moment; the art of being wholly yourself; and the adventure of facing new experiences and challenges.

The other part of this freedom, though, is just out of view. It’s the scene of people around you. When I was at both beaches depicted here, I loved the sense of community, which I think offers a deeper sense of freedom, a deeper significance to a freedom that’s felt among friends and family, and a joy found only in the company of others.

The freedom you feel when someone’s waiting for you on the shore.

Free spirit of the sea. The beach at Santa Monica, Calif.

Eyes closed and ready for the next wave. Carmel Beach, Carmel, Calif.


About Procurrent

Good things are happening around us all the time. I try to capture some of the good people and good things at procurrent.wordpress.com. And I pass along tips and observations from visits to Trader Joe's at ThingsILoveAtTraderJoes.com. I love hearing from visitors. Looking forward to your comments!
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4 Responses to WordPress weekly photo challenge: Free Spirit

  1. kansamuse says:

    Yes, the beach was a good choice. Nice photos!

  2. I love the faces of dogs when they play in the beach, they are so trully happy! 😀

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