Dogs of Chicago

Baby dog, puppy love.


I met Chloe crossing the street. She’s a Schnauzer-Shih Tzu rescue. Her people said she was 14 weeks old. “She’s a baby. We’re still getting to know her.”

Fashionable Dachsund headed for a day at Bloomingdales.


Fannie and her person were on their way to Bloomingdale’s. “Her name’s Fannie. Like Fannie Brice! Actually, it was my grandmother’s name. It’s an old-fashioned name.” Why Bloomingdale’s? Bloomingdale’s allows dogs.

The boys in black

Jax and Jersey

Jax (on left) and his buddy Jersey were two Shih Tzus from Indianapolis, on vacation with their people. “They’re little lovers, sweet and very, very smart. They calm each other.”

Little girl is shy but sweet


Little Maltese-Bichon was showing off her pink quilted coat on Michigan Avenue. “She’s sweet but shy.”

Yorkie with privilege.

Easy rider

Little Yorkie was feeling like a movie star standing in his/her sweet ride.


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