Happy 2014! Giving thanks for best 2013 purchases. Batteries not required.

I acquired several techie “toys” in 2013. The glittering usual suspects – bells and whistles for camera, computer and handheld devices, including a/v attachments and a load of new apps.

But, suddenly it struck me: Three of my favorite discoveries/purchases of the year are enviro-friendly and low maintenance. They were inexpensive to purchase and are easy to take care of. No special cords or batteries needed. Here they are:

1) Onion goggles

best onion protection ever

These heroes thwart onion ammo.

THEY WORK!!! Onions are a staple item in making my meals tasty. But, oh, how the tears came at the first cut of the knife.

I tried several home remedies – biting on bread, biting on matches, lighting candles and wearing my normal glasses. None of these thwarted the evil tendrils of onion mist that always found their way to my baby browns.

Enter onion goggles. It was like a miracle. The miracle of the stingless onions.

2) The small, mesh #2 coffee filter

coned filter is inexpensive and reuseable

This #2 is #1 for keeping coffee eco-friendly.

This was a matter of forgetting. I had a mesh, reusable filter for my larger coffee maker. But for my daily, 2-1/2 cupper, I used the brown paper filters, tossed out after every use.

I was talking with a co-worker one day, saying that I made a point to buy the more eco-friendly paper filters. She said that if I really wanted to be eco-friendly, I’d get a mesh cone. Oh, yeah. Next day, order placed, and cone arrived by the end of the week. Eco-badge reclaimed.

3) Microwave splatter cover

The lid that keeps my microwave clean

Awesome splatter container. The microwave cover of my dreams.

Cleaner microwave; happier me! I was looking for a flexible, plastic cover, but found this lid. It works! I cover all foods being heated and any splatters stop at the easy-to-clean cover, keeping the microwave innards squeaky clean.

Wishing everyone a happier, easier New Year!


About Procurrent

Good things are happening around us all the time. I try to capture some of the good people and good things at procurrent.wordpress.com. And I pass along tips and observations from visits to Trader Joe's at ThingsILoveAtTraderJoes.com. I love hearing from visitors. Looking forward to your comments!
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