Mining memories

This is what makes it so hard!

See this mound of letters and cards?


Mound of letters and cards

These are treasured messages from past decades of friendships and family support. They hold lessons, stories and love. Trying to get in touch with my hardest core and deepest non-sentimental junkless self, I managed to weed out a grocery sack of mail. But still, this is left.

I still recognize the handwriting of friends I haven’t seen in 20 years or more. Their voices and what they say are so “them.” I read a few lines and I don’t need to read the signature to know who wrote them.

Many of the letters have re-sealed themselves, as if they’d never been open, just waiting silently, patiently for me to find them and receive them again for the first time.

This pile is in a box now. I can’t part with these, yet. It’s like getting a box of candy that magically refills itself. You can go back anytime and have the same dark chocolate truffle again. Always fresh, always a pleasant memory and another reason to smile.


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3 Responses to Mining memories

  1. Erik Conover says:

    Nothing is more powerful than a memory. It’s the reason We write, to remember. Great write.


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