“A window into the positive now. Because good things are happening all around us, all the time.”

Dear kind visitor,

There’s so much good in the world, so many hard-working people who contribute to their families and communities in less noticed but essential ways every day.

With ProCurrent, I wanted to share some of that goodness by featuring people I meet, like barbeque masters Marcus and Carmen. However, quickly after starting this blog I realized that my time to venture out on weekends or after work was inconsistent.

I started adding (somewhat) dependable and more accessible features: adventures in cooking and documenting the weekly gas price. My schedule doesn’t even ensure that those categories are posted regularly, but hope springs eternal.  : )

Hope is still high to introduce you to extraordinary people we see every day but never get to know – neighbors, grocery staff, restauranteurs, etc.

In the meantime, my goal is to post regularly and offer you bits and pics of interesting, quirky, yummy and gas-price-o-licious content.

Thank you for visiting ProCurrent. I appreciate your interest and would love to hear your thoughts!

Take care,



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