Not your mama’s Popsicle

I met sister-brother team Angela and Sam at the Malibu Farmers Market on Sunday. Fitting to happen during the week of National Sibling Day.

Angela and Sam make frozen desserts on a stick, like Popsicles. Original, pretty, tasty Popsicles. I was torn: Try the more exotic avocado-fudge or lemon-rosemary combos, go for the delicious promise of pure strawberry joy or jump into a bath of nostalgia with orange cream?

Winner: Orange cream BuddyPop

Here’s why…

A great choice and discovery; it was not the orange Dreamsicle served from the Popsicle truck of my childhood. The orange was orangier. The cream was creamier. Nothing artificial. Like biting into fresh frozen Valencia oranges with straight-off-the-farm half-and-half goodness.

Thank you, Angela and Sam! Check out their Facebook Page, seek them out and give their sweet treats a try when you’re in Southern California!

California popsicles the freshest flavors

Fresh flavors on a stick

Popsicle entrepreneurs

Angela and Sam: Popsicle entrepreneurs

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This week’s journey: First two days in 50 words

Flight: A woman channeled my mother; Antiques, master gardener.

House: Cross between a B&B and a hostel. Locked out/got in. Coffee mishap/easily cleaned. Lola the Airedale.

Beach: Photographed kiddie surfer lessons, talked with many people. Met popsicle entrepreneurs Sam and Angela. #OrangeCreamsicle

Food: Fave Thai w/my cousin.

On my path.

My path

Writing challenge:


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Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

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Happy 2014! Giving thanks for best 2013 purchases. Batteries not required.

I acquired several techie “toys” in 2013. The glittering usual suspects – bells and whistles for camera, computer and handheld devices, including a/v attachments and a load of new apps.

But, suddenly it struck me: Three of my favorite discoveries/purchases of the year are enviro-friendly and low maintenance. They were inexpensive to purchase and are easy to take care of. No special cords or batteries needed. Here they are:

1) Onion goggles

best onion protection ever

These heroes thwart onion ammo.

THEY WORK!!! Onions are a staple item in making my meals tasty. But, oh, how the tears came at the first cut of the knife.

I tried several home remedies – biting on bread, biting on matches, lighting candles and wearing my normal glasses. None of these thwarted the evil tendrils of onion mist that always found their way to my baby browns.

Enter onion goggles. It was like a miracle. The miracle of the stingless onions.

2) The small, mesh #2 coffee filter

coned filter is inexpensive and reuseable

This #2 is #1 for keeping coffee eco-friendly.

This was a matter of forgetting. I had a mesh, reusable filter for my larger coffee maker. But for my daily, 2-1/2 cupper, I used the brown paper filters, tossed out after every use.

I was talking with a co-worker one day, saying that I made a point to buy the more eco-friendly paper filters. She said that if I really wanted to be eco-friendly, I’d get a mesh cone. Oh, yeah. Next day, order placed, and cone arrived by the end of the week. Eco-badge reclaimed.

3) Microwave splatter cover

The lid that keeps my microwave clean

Awesome splatter container. The microwave cover of my dreams.

Cleaner microwave; happier me! I was looking for a flexible, plastic cover, but found this lid. It works! I cover all foods being heated and any splatters stop at the easy-to-clean cover, keeping the microwave innards squeaky clean.

Wishing everyone a happier, easier New Year!

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Squirrels: Armed with an appetite

The world could stand more squirrels and fewer nuts.

It’s serendipitous when WordPress challenges converge.

A new way to see the squirrel.

This is how I play.

Squirrels leave traces, even though they do their best to eat the evidence.

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Dogs of Chicago

Baby dog, puppy love.


I met Chloe crossing the street. She’s a Schnauzer-Shih Tzu rescue. Her people said she was 14 weeks old. “She’s a baby. We’re still getting to know her.”

Fashionable Dachsund headed for a day at Bloomingdales.


Fannie and her person were on their way to Bloomingdale’s. “Her name’s Fannie. Like Fannie Brice! Actually, it was my grandmother’s name. It’s an old-fashioned name.” Why Bloomingdale’s? Bloomingdale’s allows dogs.

The boys in black

Jax and Jersey

Jax (on left) and his buddy Jersey were two Shih Tzus from Indianapolis, on vacation with their people. “They’re little lovers, sweet and very, very smart. They calm each other.”

Little girl is shy but sweet


Little Maltese-Bichon was showing off her pink quilted coat on Michigan Avenue. “She’s sweet but shy.”

Yorkie with privilege.

Easy rider

Little Yorkie was feeling like a movie star standing in his/her sweet ride.

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Love more. Try harder.

Words to live by

Smile more, share more, try harder.

WordPress Daily Prompt: Love.

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